About Us


Thirst Aid is about saving and building lives. An organization that began as a heartfelt mission to provide vocational training in refugee camps has become a full fledged global project to develop stable and sustainable economic development around health, wellness and clean water.


It’s a simple mission. Safe water for everyone.


1 in 6 people in the world do not have access to safe drinking water – the abundant supply of water around them may as well be poison. And we cannot talk about water without talking about poverty – 2/3 of all people without safe water live on less than $2 a day. Solving this water crisis will go a long way to solving the poverty crisis.


community-wellDigging wells is one part the solution, and an important one. In regions that have no resources, there is a dire need for water. The huge challenge however is that once they have the water, there is still no education for how to use it, and wells become quickly contaminated from the moment they are built. Thirst-Aid filters are a requirement for filtering well water, AND water from rivers and dams, all highly contaminated and unsafe for drinking until treated / filtered.

For those fortunate enough to have adequate surface water, Thirst-Aid teaches these populations how to conserve and maintain these precious resources so that they’ll remain clean and plentiful for future generations.


How are filters the solution? The revival of a lost art and vanishing villages of potters – Thirst Aid has designed an effective water filter that can easily be made with local technology, indigenous potters and homegrown natural resources


Since 2003, Thirst Aid has brought the tools to supply safe drinking water to the most at-risk populations on the planet. From providing education, to designing natural filters, to building sustainable local economies: we don’t set out to save lives, we aspire to teach people in the developing world how to save their own.


To date, thanks to the support of Thirst-Aid donors, over 1.75 million people have received the tools to wash their water, tens of thousands of lives have been saved, and many are now entrepreneurs, thriving in their community as safe water educators, water filter sales men and women, clean water shop owners, factory owners, potters, and other relevant and well paying jobs that support health, wellness, and clean water for all.